Wednesday, 7 February 2007

:: Tuesday Night Dinner ::

Tuesday 23rd of January 2007

It was my turn to serve the Tuesday night Staff Dinner! Amy, Jerry, Alice and Ben were off campus, but Ruhiyyih, Phil and Peggy were still here. I didn't have time to go shopping last Saturday so I had to try to find something to make food from. I found spaghetti and ground beef in the kitchen (I call it minced beef and no-one understands what I'm saying, so I've started calling it ground beef, too). I decided to make a Bolognese. It turned out pretty good, even with spices that I wasn't 100% sure of what they were! Ruhiyyih and Phil came first, and a bit later a happy surprise arrived in the forms of Harrison and Carol. We talked with them about going off campus some weekend and seeing around, maybe Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly.
I also found out they have horses, so I'll try to persuade them to teach me how to ride! That would be a dream come true. The dinner was lovely and when Peggy came, we started singing with Phil playing his guitar. It was a great night. Everyone left at around 10:30, but I decided to do all the dishes anyway. It took me 1,5 hours, but I enjoyed it, because it was a good time to spend time with myself and reflect on the things I have experienced during my stay here.

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the dinner, but here's a picture of some wild horses that the Rez was full of, and another one of our morning walk on a wintery day to the office, to say prayers with the rest of the staff. Both pics are taken by Phil.

In addition, there are two pics of what my home looks like. Here's the kitchen where we cook many meals together with the other volunteers, and the living room which is used for prayers, meditation, discussion, fun, eating, tv, 19 Day Feasts and many other purposes! It is simple, and I have learned to love this place.

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