Thursday, 1 February 2007

:: A Normal Week @ NABI ::

Workdays start different times on different days. Here is a programme of weekly things.

Mon starts 8:00 - Week starts. Work on the Newsletter and other projects.
Tue starts 8:00 - Ruhi 1 with Jerry and Phil as tutors, Carol and me as collaborators. Staff dinner. One of the trailers is responsible for cooking and hosting a staff dinner to the others. Very enjoyable!
Wed starts 8:00 - Children's classes and Ruhi -study circles.
Thu starts 8:30 -
Morning prayers at the prayer hogan. Devotional gathering in the prayer hogan. Children's classes etc, community dinner. People from around NABI come for a free meal prepared by Carol.
Fri starts 10:00 - Cleaning up from Thursday, usually pretty laid-back compared to the other days.

Every morning we assemble in the office and the whole staff enjoys prayers together. We also share things, both happy and less happy, that we would like others to know about, and often these moments tend to stretch and stretch. After this everyone goes to whatever they are busy with. Usually this means for Ruhiyyih, Phil and I, that we have something to clean up. It could be the classrooms, the big hogan, or it could be that we have to shovel off the snow from the pathways or chop wood for the prayer hogan fireplace. At 12:00 we eat lunch, usually the youth eat together. At 13:00 we get back to work. Often this means helping out with office work, for example writing the Navajo-Hopi Newsletter or planning the Ayyám-i-Há Feast. On Thursday the volunteers are busy with helping Carol in the kitchen. The workday ends at 5:00, after which we usually have core activities or dinner, or we just hang out together.

On weekends we sometimes go to Gallup to do some grocery shopping and have some fun. We also invite the kids over sometimes to spend time with us.

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