Tuesday, 6 February 2007

:: Boos in the Snow ::

Tuesday the 16th of January 2007

We got a 20 cm snowfall during the past two days! It feels like home, and I really enjoy it! Tonight we went outside with Ben, Phil and Ruhiyyih, and we "played" in the snow for hours. Amy thought we were nuts. Maybe we were. When we came out with Ruhiyyih, the guys were trying to hide from us and scare us, but we guessed it, so we cunningly took different paths around the trailer to the back, where we assumed them to be. We tiptoed there silently and tada - there they were. Phil saw Ruhiyyih coming, but he somehow assumed that I was with her, so when he turned around and saw me on the other side, he screamed (like a girl, really!) and just RAN AWAY. He ran so fast that he didn't notice a clothesline that was on his way, so he hurt his ear. Ben also got scared, but not so severely... but they both ran away, trying to hide AGAIN. We found Ben pretty soon, but Phil just wasn't anywhere. We kept looking, and Ben was clearly trying to direct us somewhere. Finally Ruhiyyih decided to look a bit further and I decided to climb a tree. Ben also dissappeared somewhere, so I was the only one near that trailer. Suddenly Ben came back, walked to the trailer and opened a little hatch in the wall of the trailer. He was talking to Phil, who was under the trailer. They thought we had both gone out to look for Phil. But HAHA! I was in a tree next to them! So us girls got them double-busted!

We went to the playgrounds and had a lot of fun. It was good to get some fresh air and also, we needed some relaxation after the tough week. We climed trees, we swinged, we almost threw up after the carousel, Ruhiyyih and Ben were doing handstands, we sung songs in the pavilion and whatever you can imagine anyone doing in the snow.

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