Saturday, 6 January 2007

:: graduation party, June 3rd 2006 ::

Here are some photos from my graduation party in June the 3rd, 2006. It was a very lovely day! Thank you for everyone who made it so happy. I've never seen so many dear people at the same time in the same place.

The thank you -card I sent to people after the party.

Getting the cap. Principle of the school and my tutoring teacher.

Dropping a curtsey.

Hat row.

Happy faces of three very good friends. Right to left: Anu, Tiina, Linda.

Another photo of us three.

Happy granddaughter with happy grandparents. My dear Mamani and Papani.

Parents and I. Beginning to get that permanent smile :P.


My aunt Marja giving me a rose and her gift.

This is what we ate.. or actually, 1/4 of it :P. The rest was still in the fridge.

Biology teacher Raimo Koponen, Finnish teacher Sirkka Veikkolainen and her daughter and my friend Genet Veikkolainen.

Anna Kinghorn, Mom, Inkeri Saloheimo and Robert Kinghorn. Some of the members of our local Bahá'í community. Robert and Anna don't live here anymore tho.

It wasn't a surprise, was it? Yes, there were also children at my graduation party. Samu, Juho and Oscar :).

My other beloved grandmother Marita with Jarkko , a family friend, and Kristiina, our dear ex-neigbour.

Lara doing the mosh and Pete and Juho just can't figure out WHY?


The official , more "artistic" graduation picture feat. Karoliina 6 years.

High school graduate Linda.

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