Tuesday, 16 January 2007

:: Arizona, stereotypes! ::

Confirmed stereotypes about America:
(These stereotypes should not be taken seriously. They are jokingly written.)

#1: Officials are in general more friendly than in many European countries. Just like in C.O.P.S!
#2: Many restaurants serve bacon and eggs in different forms for breakfast. And it's not only the cowboys who eat that.
#3: Food, specially fast food, is a lot cheaper!
#4: There is still the traditional Wild West -city type, at least in Arizona and New Mexico. (See photo.)
#5: People talk to each other more openly on the streets and their attitude seems more open. They dare to smile at you, walking in the streets.
#6: The road-side advertisements are exactly as you imagined in movies.
#7: Everything is drive in... even the ATM's!
#8: All the trademarks and store chains you know from TV and movies but you've never seen yourself, really exist! Such as Wal-Mart, Sonic, Blockbusters, Midas. And they really are as popular as you thought!
#9: Food items are bigger.. Everything is what we call "family size" in Europe.
#10: The landscapes in Arizona are really just like in Lucky Luke! I'm a lonesome poor cowboy, and a long long way from home..


Jorma said...

Hih! Linda, oot ollu kiltti. Muistatko, mikä oli sen kirjan nimi, joka piti/kannatti lukea Master of Educationiin?

Anu said...

Heiii, tyttötyttö missä on päivitykset? "Once a week" :O

Dead said...
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Joseph said...

I don't mind the stereotypes at all actually. they seem pretty funny and telling of how america is portrayed in film and seen by people from outside the country. good luck with making other interesting observations... you may even find some opinions change the longer you spend with people in the country

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