Monday, 15 January 2007

:: Arizona, first day in America ::

Written 14.1.2007, NABI Office, 17:50 local time.


Wow.. I don't know where to start. Since last time I wrote, so much has happened! I flew to Albuquerque and spent the night in a hotel. I have never been so happy to get to bed in my life. I was so tired after the trip. I woke up the next morning and took my luggage to the train station and bought a ticket to go to Gallup at 4:45. I had a lot of time and I was hungry, so I went to see Albuquerque and have a breakfast. Albuquerque is a very funny city! The buildings remind me of a mixture of Mexican and American Wild West building styles. Here are some pics of the buildings.

I found a lovely chocolaterie! I went inside and there were tons of beautiful chocolates all around the counters and walls. There was no-one inside. After a while a dark man came behind the counter and smilingly started chatting with me. I told him it was my first day in America and that I was going to NABI. We talked:

"Oh, you are a Bahá'í? That's wonderful! I have had some Bahá'í friends, they are such sweet people!"
"Oh, you know the Bahá´ís?"
"Yes, yes! Bahá'í Faith is very good.. I couldnt' imagine any Bahá'í saying 'I'm right and you're wrong!' It's a very friendly Faith."

And we talked about how he knew about Bahá'ís for a while, and he was so friendly that I felt really welcomed to America! It's amazing.. the first shop I stepped in while in America, and I get this kind of a reception!

I bought some chocolate and went to get some breakfast. There was a cosy, traditionally American style restaurant where I bought an even more traditional bacon and eggs -sandwhich with french fries and a drink, and it was DELICIOUS. By now, I was feeling so happy I just had to call some people to tell them how great everything was! Even the weather was perfect. There were little patches of snow here and there, and the sun was shining bright and warm.

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NAS said...

very nice story :) i wish you wonderful things in Arizona, did you go to the Baha'i confference they held last month ? it was huge !!
lots of love

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