Monday, 15 January 2007

:: Arizona, Rio Grande Zoo ::

After having my breakfast I went to the Rio Grande Zoo. It was a 20 minute walk, but it was worth it! The Zoo was beautiful, and most animals had quite good environments. The hyeenas and the tigers made me sad tho, cos their cages were not suitable for such mobile animals and they were a bit frustrated. But everything else was wonderful! I took a lot of photos, I hope you'll enjoy them. The wolves and the polar bears were my favorites, and the giraffe was posing to my camera. There were also free-fly cages where you were inside the cage with the birds. It was weird to see all those tropical animals in a snowy environment. See for yourself :).

The last picture is a photo of the two wonderful Zoo-ladies who helped me get a taxi to the train station. They were so friendly! I can't believe how well everything turned out in this trip!

I sat in the train and the train was SO different from European trains! It was two-storey and it had a lovely lounge above the restaurant coach. The seats in the lounge were facing the windows and they were cozily organised, so that you could easily chat with people and watch the beautiful sunset over the Arizona deserts.

I arrived to the small city of Gallup at about seven o'clock and noticed that I was at the train station, where as I SHOULD have been in the Grey Hound bus-station where we agreed to meet with Ben. I walked outside the station with my HUGE backpacks, and was a bit worried about how to get to the bus station. I saw there was one shop open, so I walked there with all my baggage and stepped in. I asked where the bus station was, and they told me it's quite a walk. But again, I was so lucky! The only customer in the shop was a taxi driver and his taxi was waiting right outside the shop, and he offered to take me to the bus station. Everything has worked out amazingly well during this trip!

I met Ben at the bus station in about 20 minutes, and he took me to NABI, which is about 30 miles from Gallup. i will write about my first moments at NABI later, as I take more pictures of this wonderful place. I just want to let you know right now, that I couldn't have nicer people to serve with. Both the youth and the adults are amazingly committed to their service and on the same time they are hilarious people to work with!

Checking out at 18:45 NABI time.


Israel Robledo said...

Congratulations, excellent blog and excellent pictures…. Pretty Good… greetings from Monterrey, Mexico

vahid said...

different than european trains? you seem to forget that you live at the north pole. in "real" europe, the trains are nice and two-storeyed....

Anu said...

Hey giiiirl!<3 Wonderful job, I luuuv the photos! Ooo... your dear friend Israel is from Monterrey as well!:O Keep on updating this blog! Miss you! :P

Mea said...

Ihania kuvia Linda! Varsinkin nuo eläintarha kuvat! Aivan älyttömän ihania, sekä kohteiltaan että ihan valokuvina. Miekin haluun tuollaseen eläintarhaan! :) Ja mie rakastan kirahveja, niinku oon jo selittäny noille muksuille ala-asteella monet kerrat (niin, oon harjoitteluissa nyt ja on kivaa!). Pidä hauskaa!

Verdickt said...

Hei Linda,
vahid is right in 'real europe',..
just kidding.
from the sound of it your doing fine so keep it up!
just remember this; next time when I come to Finland you don't have to run as far as Arizona not to have to meet with me ;)
Be good and do good while you're there,


And I don't know how to change the name 'verdickt' so please don't mind

Vesal said...

wow cousin, i thought; u've got some shooting talent going on. I'm glad you're having fun in Ari. Ciao

NAS said...

Very nice blog Linda, i love it, and wow !!! what beautiful picture shots you made, what beautiful animals, i'm charmed :) keep it up dear


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